Kazang Prepaid

Kazang Prepaid


Want the convenience of prepaid services without the hassle of scratchcards and other pre-printed vouchers? Kazang Prepaid offers an industry-leading electronic vending service that is robust, secure, mobile and flexible. With Kazang Prepaid you can sell airtime, electricity, mobile data, lifestyle content and more, with or without printing vouchers on the fly.

Vendors earn a commission from each transaction, and also are able to offer their customers essential services to ensure that they keep coming back.

Kazang Prepaid offers:

  • Quick, easy and secure vending of essential services such as airtime and electricity22-60-thickbox
  • Robust mobile vending devices
  • Competitive margins
  • Choice of web, USSD, POS or other vending
  • Dedicated expert customer care
  • Value added, higher margin lifestyle content

No longer run out of scratchcards at busy times; or have all your cash tied up in inventory that doesn’t sell fast; or have the security risk of inventory going missing or being stolen. Vend what your customers need, when they need it, from a single wallet on a secure device. And earn immediately with every transaction.

As well as electricity, airtime and mobile data, we’re constantly adding new services and lifestyle products.Products and Services

Don’t have scratchcard stock lying around that can easily go missing or be stolen.

We’ve built the Kazang Prepaid devices to withstand the roughest handling.

Kazang Prepaid is a truly mobile service, operating over GSM and not needing a regular power supply.

Electricity and airtime is like bread and butter for a shopkeeper, you can’t not stock it.

We’ve been taking prepaid telecoms services to communities for more than a decade.